What is Smart Spin?

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We are a group of high stakes friends who turned their interest into Spin & Go’s. We started this project in March 2015 and since then we have been helping our members to understand strategy and move up the stakes of Spin & Go’s.

The idea was born in the minds of high stakes heads-up players. They knew the time of Sit & Go games was near its end when PokerStars introduced Spin & Go’s for the first time. Most regulars did not believe you can make money in the format which was briefly described as a ‘lottery’, but they were all wrong, and today it’s not that difficult to prove that.

Meet our founders: Bakudranski, FCDplayer, iJustGamble, killuifuplay, Banis - great, successful poker players, well-known in the high stakes community. They have started with a small group of thoroughly selected players and pushed them to the top of Spin & Go’s games. It was then when the fame of Smart Spin started growing.

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Coming to an end of 2016, we are proudly helping over 600 members and every day we hear about new people wanting to join us.

Why do people choose Smart Spin? There are many reasons.


Great teaching staff

Our founders made millions of dollars on poker games and it was not done by a simple accident. They know the game and know how to win at it. In 2015 we managed to add more coaches to our team and almost every one of them is a winning player at the highest stakes of Spin & Go’s. Do you want to know who will be your teacher? We have made their winnings and past achievements public - check them out!


Bankroll to play Spin & Go’s

Even great players may be afflicted by worse months in terms of EV or real money won. We don’t want you to worry about your funds and that is why we give you money to play. You can stay calm even when not everything is going your way, and moving up the stakes is entirely dependant on your skill, not on the actual money won!


Regular coaching sessions

We don’t give you one strategy and make you do all the work. We are here constantly working for you. A few times a week we host public coachings for our members. We keep you up to date with today’s strategies and give our personal view into your hand histories.



Unique video series

We've been praised a lot for our video series. There are many titles worth watching. 'Crushfest' will tell you everything about playing against recreational players. 'WatchMan' is a personal session review from a former $1,000 HU HT reg killuifuplay. 'Shark Recipe' talks about an advanced strategy to win against regular players. 'Preflop Master Series' explores all ways to exploit your opponent before the flop. Our video library is full of great strategy materials and some of it is available for free after you create the account on our site.


Free hand reviews

It is true we want you to learn how to analyse and improve your game. But there are the times when you just have no idea if your play was profitable. That is why we give you the access to private forums where you can post your hand histories. A group of professional coaches evaluates our members’ hands every day and posts complex analyses on how they would play in certain situations and scenarios.


Strategy against unknown opponents

Great poker players are able to find proper strategies for countering plays of their opponents. But what should you do when you have no information about other people sitting at your table? That’s where our strategy comes in. We have prepared for you special charts and plays which are based on the population’s tendencies. It is as far the best way to win against unknown opponents.


Our coaches' Spin & Go EV graphs! (click to enlarge)



Diversity by stakes

It’s not like everything which works on the lowest stakes will also work on the higher ones. That is why we decided to divide our players (and strategies) into groups. When you move up in stakes, you also move up to more advanced learning group. Some strategies may change significantly and we are doing this to maximize your winrate and winnings!


Personal Leakfinder

Maybe there are some areas where you still make mistakes? Now you don’t need to spend countless hours to find them yourself, we can do it for you! Our leakfinder is a unique, personal review of your game. You will quickly notice where you are losing money.


Our own SmartNova Elite VIP program

PokerStars cut their VIP rewards and that is where we come in! We are giving away special prizes and boosting the deal if you meet certain criteria. But you know what is best about our VIP program? We are not interested in the number of tournaments played, it is all about the quality of your game! What’s more, it doesn’t matter which stakes you are currently on - everyone can get the highest status in our VIP program.



Advanced HUD and statistics for PokerTracker 4

We are trying to help you in every area of your play. That is why we have created several advanced HUD’s, divided by complexity and number of players on the table. Don’t waste hours and hours outside the table to create your perfect HUD. You will get it for free from us!


Mindset coachings

Half of your play depends on the state of your brain. We know this better than anyone - we have been playing on the highest stakes of heads-up SnG’s on the Internet. A lot of times the last man standing was not the one with the biggest bankroll or the best strategy. The final winner was the one with better understanding of his brain and with overall better mindset. We will give you a lot of useful tips and tricks like how to stay calm while playing or how to create your poker goals.


Awesome promotions!

You can take part in a lot of great side projects. A great example here is Smart League. Our beloved football promotion is a great way to find motivation and work closely with a lot of skilled Spin & Go players!


Personal touch

We are happy when you are happy. We don’t want you to feel like you are working in some term job, with rude boss and hostile work environment. We give our best to answer your questions and help you succeed in Spin & Go’s. We have managed to create a great team with a lot of friendly and motivated players.


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We think there are more advantages, but they are for you to find out…

We are proud of our offer and you can have everything mentioned above for splitting your profit with us in a predefined number of games. We put a lot of effort and time into everything we have done up to this point, and you can expect the new additions to this offer in the future. We want to be perfectly clear about our intentions and our plans.

Over 600 people have already trusted us.


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Disclaimer: we are not providing the help for you at the tables DURING the game. It is against PokerStars’ terms and conditions and against fairness of the game. We are preparing you the best we can outside the tables, but it is only you who plays Spin & Go games.


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