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Interviews with founders:

Interviews with founders: bakudranski!

Interviews with founders: Banis!

Interviews with founders: FCDplayer!

Interviews with founders: iJustGamble!

Interviews with founders: killuifuplay!



alex schipun: "I entered the best poker school"

Beldarion: "You have to grind hard"

Welcome to Smart Spin, blackaces93!

Welcome to Smart Spin, Blind2Ü!

blooming94: "The more experience you get, the more you can control downswing"

blooming94 finally at $100's!

Darkornot: "I am happy everyday when I sit in front of my screen and start grinding"

domazpl: "I definitely couldn't achieve it without Smart Spin"

EpicKind: "I am really happy to be a part of Smart Spin community"

Faldorn07: "You should focus on here and now, play as much as you can"

Welcome to Smart Spin, Fi0ra!

fi_sh_ark_84: "Moving up to $60’s was like hitting a wall"

FishFromSVK+: "You have to master the charts and understand them"

Grasiu: "It's totally unimportant what you do in life"

imbaskadi: "It's all about volume and $/hr"

imjubei2: "Switching to Spin & Go's gave me more freedom"

kedziorek2: "If something isn't clear to you, just ask"

Kid Cld: "Smart Spin was the best decision I made for my improvement in poker"

kill1509: "I was afraid because I was moving up"

Koczwi & WaffleBubble: two brothers playing poker

kurzatvvarz: "I surely did not expect that my cEV will improve so much"

kylsonn1: "Joining Smart Spin was the best decision"

mularczykPVC: "You can have a life while playing Spin & Go's"

Nerineja85: "Thanks to Smart Spin, I can play at the highest stakes"

perez1187: "I was never here for money"

sa6o03: "I wanted to be better and better"

Saintanna023: "Japan is a great place to be a poker player"

Sarpele1984: "It is very hard to improve by yourself"

strj2000: "Set new goals, make new plans and achieve them!"

TomP147: "When I started at $7's, I was 100% sure I will get to $100's"

Weshero: "Poker gives me a lot of freedom"

whizz_kidpl: "There is no time to rest"

Wolle83: "Find your own way and don't be lazy"

ytrer: "You can play anywhere"

ytrer hits 1,000,000 VPPs!

Zuber85: "I wanted to learn from the best"


Get to know the stuff:

Get to know the stuff - didIgotpot?

Get to know the stuff - dyb

Get to know the staff - gama

Get to know the staff - ibjlhy09

Interview with KnownUsBro: "I love rivalries. I love to compete."

Get to know the staff - mrunnerm


Behind the screenname:

Behind The Screenname: ClarKent114, a table soccer player!

Behind The Screenname: a referee and a runner!

skrzat96 won World Youth Bridge Championship 2016


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