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We are happy to announce our new VIP program available for Smart Spin Team members!

SuperNova Elite and most of its benefits will be gone in 2016 but we have created a great alternative for every Spin & Go player. You can get private coachings, access to new strategy materials and even a Deal Boost - up to 15%!

We present you a new way to reward grinders. Most of the VIP programs are revolving around quantity - number of games played or rake paid. We don’t find it encouraging enough. Our main focus is on quality of your game. We encourage you to constantly analyze and improve your play style, so your expected value could be higher.

Since January 2016 we have started to reward you for the number of EV buy-ins you won in one month. There are seven different levels in our VIP program, similar to these you may have seen on PokerStars, and each one of these levels grant you different rewards:

Smart Spin VIP Table

*You need to achieve SmartNova three months in a row or 600 buy-ins in EV post rakeback in a period of three months.

Everyone starts his journey with Smart Spin from Bronze. Getting new level depends on the number of buy-ins you won in EV in the previous month. Every level comes with different rewards, on top of the regular offer - access to regular strategy videos, coachings recordings, hands forums, live coachings, and articles.

So, let’s talk about the rewards in detail:

  • Coachings with founders. Our founders are true beasts of poker. They have managed to win millions of dollars in their lifetime and are still winning players on the highest stakes of Spin & Go’s. If you win at least 60 EV Buy-Ins in one month, you can attend at least one of group coachings with our founders.
  • Hall of Fame videos. This is a real, advanced knowledge, the essentials of being a winning Spin & Go player. We think these are the best strategy materials we have ever produced and they will for sure help you conquer the highest stakes of Spin & Go’s. You will get access to Hall of Fame videos if you win at least 80 buy-ins in EV.
  • Leakfinder. Know yourself before knowing your enemy. Once every two months you will receive a detailed report about your play. The main thing for you to know is where you lose money and how you can prevent it. You will get your report after earning 100 buy-ins in EV. LeakFinder is now available to every Smart Spin member!
  • Deal Boost. There is another reward for achieving Gold status and it’s a stacking deal boost. It counts in the month you acquired your level and may be stacked up to 15%! The size of the boost depends on the level acquired in the previous month.
  • Under The Wings. This is a huge one. If you win 150 buy-ins in EV, you will be taken under the wings of our coaches. That means you will get more individual touch and access to a unique group with all the coaches and founders. They will support you with another 4 coachings and you will get mental help whenever you need it. But that's not all! Members with at least Platinum status (= "Under the Wing" group) have access to every learning material and event there is, as if you were our Diamond member!
  • Smart Surprise and Smart Gift. There is also a special “thank you” for all players achieving SmartNova or SmartNova Elite.

Remember - everything is in your hands. It doesn’t matter how much actual money you have won. If your EV is good enough, we will reward you just for that!

So, start improving yourself and we wish you all the best in 2016!

For further information about our SmartElite program join Smart Spin or ask about it in the 3rd step of our recruitment process.

Smart Spin's VIP Program is only available to members of Plus, Elite, and Diamond groups.


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